A UK power company, Eastern Electric, has pioneered a technique to prevent fresh fruit from ripening and decaying in storage. Normally, fruits stored in refrigerated warehouses continue to ripen

A NEW batch of occupants has moved into Biosphere 2 -- the glass and steel structure enclosing 3 ha in Oracle, Arizona, where scientists are trying to create a miniature earth complete with rain

DO YOU prefer the natural light that floods the room, but abhor the heat that it invariably brings along, especially on hot summer afternoons? Now, a system devised by a Queensland University of

INTERNATIONAL Business Machines Inc, the market leader for the large and powerful mainframe computers, is adapting its machines to the growing demand for smaller, more flexible and less costly

Jamming polyhedra cheek to jowl in a given space is probably the most efficient packing method yet invented

GAMBLING, of all our many sins, has finally gone and redeemed itself. Darts, as often a game of chance as of aim and calculated trajectories, has provided theoretical mathematicians -- who casually

A JAPANESE company has developed a device to discourage pigeons from perching on statues, temples and other buildings and control the menace of pigeon droppings. Called a "bird stopper", the

CLASSIC movies can now be preserved for generations without fearing loss of print quality. Though movie films are kept in sealed cans to keep dirt out, they are vulnerable to the "vinegar syndrome",

Lockheed Corp of the US has developed an inexpensive, part liquid, part solid telephoto lens that guarantees a sharper and better-contrasted picture than the conventional lens. Besides correcting

Physicists say it's theoretically possible to make a sun in the laboratory.