JAPANESE researchers claim to have developed a high-strength, fatigueresistant spring designed for motor vehicles, which could be used in clutch torsional dampers of pickup trucks. To make

...and latest findings have 2 groups of mutually hostile astronomers still going cockeyed trying to gauge the age of the universe

A group of robots have taken to the football field in Japan for the second year in succession

THE Chinese need no longer tot up on English to operate Microsoft Corp's famous user-friendly Windows programme. The Beijing Stone Group Co has developed Chinese-language software that can be used

THE distasteful task of grading beef by inspecting carcasses can now be bypassed. Two researchers at Iowa State University in the US have come up with a far more accurate technique to rate

Scientific research and organisation must be completely re oriented to a more balanced development of the planet.

The curiosity about exotic lands that gripped scholars in the 17th and 18th centuries resulted in the collation of a lot of information, much of it tailored to fit the myth of white superiority.

JAPANESE scientists hail environmental technology as the new frontier of science. Surveyed on breakthroughs they consider likely in the next generation, scientists listed 1,149 topics in 16 fields.

WAS ROBERT C Gallo guilty, along with his colleagues at the US National Institute of Health, of scientific misconduct for their conduct and reporting of the crucial experiments that led to the

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