Windows that change from clear to dark and back at the flick of a switch are set to make air conditioning systems redundant in buildings, thereby saving considerable power.

A TEAM of US scientists has developed a technique to enable hand-held computers that work with a pen to recognise handwriting quickly and more accurately than their present level of literacy allows

A cure for influenza and a substance harder than diamond: two of the products conjured up by designer science

FROM THE house of Nikon have come electric spectacles that are battery-operated and change 0 from dark to light and back again at the touch of a button in less than 10 seconds. In contrast, the

Scientists claim a new mode of administering drugs would strip the main AIDS drug Azidothymidine AZT of its side effects.

THERE seems to be no limit to the miniaturisation of computers, because in the wake of laptops comes pocket-sized computers that allow the user to write on a liquid crystal screen with a special

PEOPLE confined to wheelchairs will be able to reach for anything stored on the topmost shelves because a wheelchair has been developed in USA that can be raised a couple of metres without loss

A NEW V ACUUM cleaner has over come the perennial problem of dust clogging the filter and reducing the machine's efficiency. Dyson Dual Cyclone whizzes dirt and air around at high speed, but

Scientists at the University of California, Irvine, have made the world's smallest battery -- about the size of the common-cold virus (Science, Vol 257 No 5074). Chemist Reginald Penner and his

PHYSIOTHERAPY researchers in Australia have developed a device that can predict the probability of back pain in humans. Many devices can measure spinal muscle functions, such as