Six different broadcasting systems and five video tape recordh systems, incompatible with 4,10 another, currently functions al ovem the world. Unless one's video"26 VCR and TV are

JAPANESE robots are getting better and better. Among the many showpiece robots is the one recently released by the NEC. It is a snake-like robot which can worm its way into tight spaces, such as

Named Baby Dopplex 3000 (or A Parturn Fetal Monitor), a hi-a foetal monitor has been devel" by UWs HNE Dignostics compa The monitor uses the advam Doppler technology, where c6q in

The Polclaw windpump set is a boon to developing countries

Absorption cooling could be the answer to peak time electrical loads

A TRAGEDY of Indian planners as also of those from some other developing countries is that they have considered agricultural development synonymous with rural development. Development is a

A mobile identity card issuing system

Sound waves to break up oil droplets that contaminate Soil

If you want to look at the world's smallest microscope, using your own eyes may not be enough: you would need another microscope to do that. This microscopic microscope has been developed by

Keeping the standard kilogram - a 4 cm high and 4 cm wide platinum iridium cylinder in Paris - clean is a formidable task. The cylinder has to be kept free from dust and contaminants like