The discovery of plasma crystals (that are colloidal particles introduced into a charge neutral plasma) has led to several insights into the dynamics of melting and freezing. Hubertus Thomas and

X ray holography, a neoteric way of studing atomic configurations, promises to give a three dimensional picture of the arrangement of atoms in a crystal

Compressed air energy storage is one of the several energy storage technologies developed for the power industry. There are two separate portions in the storage cycle: compression and expansion.

Engineers from the University of Surrey, UK, have created an intelligent robot that accomplishes hazardous feats like cleaning up contaminated wastes in nuclear reactors. The robot has been

Scientists in the optics and laser technology department of British Aerospace's Sowerby Research Centre at Filton in South UK are planning to develop 'smart' aircraft wings that look after

Designers from the Research Centre of Building Power Tools, Russia have designed tools that, they claim, disobey the sacrosanct third law of motion laid down by Newton. The tools are specially

Sounds bizarre, but a new design concept promises to bridge gaps more than 3.48 km apart

Use of linear accelerators and free electron lasers is all set to revolutionise the creation of fourth generation X ray sources

Electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller and human workers and conventional robots are finding it increasingly difficult to assemble them. Peter Will of the Information Sciences

A new method for detecting fingerprints at the scene of crime is sure to give criminals some second thoughts