European environmental authorities have now found a way to zero in on those who pollute the sea through oil spills

The Eurofighter (EF)-2000, being developed for the air forces of the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain, will be the first aircraft to have an integra

the world's first anti-gravity device which could have an immense effect on everything from transport to power generation has been developed by researchers at the Tampere University of Technology

German researchers have hit upon a novel technique that converts waste plastics into multiple gains for steel industry

Driven by the demands of the aerospace and semi-conductor indus

US researchers have developed an aircraft that could possibly explain the mystery of UFOs

Ultraviolet rays could lead to the development of an advanced set of semiconductor chips

An alternative to dry-cleaning

A Japanese construction firm, Taisei Corporation, has developed a soil bioremediation technique that offers a less expensive and environmentally benign response to soil that has been contaminated

A wave generator devised by a Canadian marine engineer could bring relief to ships stranded due to heavy ice formation in winter