People will soon be buying CD-

A new navigation system that uses voice-recognition technology is now available in the US. Developed by Amerigon of Monrovia, California, the Interactive Voice System(IVS) is not speaker dependent,

A new research, currently in an experimental stage, could be the propelling force behind the future rocket

Researchers are optimistic of developing a superfast switch with the help of a hopping electron

Robotics covers another milestone as Israeli scientists equip robots with 3 d vision for better perception of depth

In road safety equipment, the latest is an infrared camera for enabling vehicles to traverse safely on treacherous roads

Experiments with superconducting wires in magnetic field could lead researchers on to a better understanding of that curious amorphous solid glass

A German heavy ion laboratory discovers new isotopes and also sights nickel 78, which has uses in nuclear as well as astrophysics

Ongoing work on metallic film multilayers could facilitate their already extensive use in industry

A new technique for early detection of mastitis in cows has been developed by British researchers