Electron crystallography, although catching up fast, has a disadvantage: there is a strong interaction between the electrons of the probe and the sample itself. Now, T E Weirich and his colleagues

Successful experiments in measuring individual carbon nanotubes opens pathways for manufacture of a diverse range of products

With the creation of the W particle in laboratory, researchers hope to clear up some of the mysteries in particle physics

Nikon recently unveiled the first digital camera in Japan that adds spoken and hand-written captions to photographs. The new camera, about the size of a mobile phone, has a microphone for recording

Science or pure imagination? Nanotechnology opens up unlimited possibilities which can revolutionise almost every field of human activity

From micro bugs to micro cars, Japanese researchers are redefining the way things are manufactured

A British cyclist has developed a super bike that can nearly match the speed of an aircraft

at all costs: The Mathura refinery seems to be sparing no cost for sprucing up its image on the green front. It has invested Rs 18,620 million to minimise polluting emissions. For this purpose, it

Auburn University's Institute for Biological Detection Systems, with a team of veterinarians, chem

The Mexican state of Coahuila will be an experimental area to test a new rain-making technique. Until now, creating rain involved flying over a supercooled cloud at a high altitude and sprinkling it