A new product developed by the Southeastern Regional Energy (SRE)

Communication is vital to aerial fire fighting. A project in the US aims at making it easier for pilots with the help of the advanced navigation display system

Shake a few bits of silicon in a petri dish containing water and lo, you have a three dimensional structure!

The delivery of a suspicious-looking parcel can cause enormous disruption in the working hours of any organisation, even if it eventually proves to be entirely harmless.

Micromechanics, a field of engineering earlier considered to be fascinating but impractical, is now back with a bang. A host of applications are in the offing

Wood which is aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally resistant can now be made out of recycled polystyrene

The seeping out of refrigerants can now be detected with the help of a competent, handy detector

The bacterium belonging to the Rhodococcus genus can not only neutralise benzene but may also be able to transform it into a source of useful chemicals. This was reported by microbiologists at the

J Siegel and his colleagues at the University of California in San Diego, US, have synthesised a cage-like molecule similar to buckyballs and fullerenes, but one whose size and shape as well as

The physicists at Los Alamos national labs in US have announced a large amount of new data from