At the spring meeting of the Materials Research Society, researchers for the first time showed what happens at the atomic level when a material bends

A fleet of buses powered by electri

A high-molecular silicon plastic that can withstand temperatures ranging between 400-500

David Adermann, a lecturer of photo

Results of simulated landings using the global positioning system show that planes can now land safely even in zero visibility

Patients having heart diseases or those suffering from symptoms like recurrent rapid heart beat despite drug treatment, are now introduced to an electrical device -the defibrillator, manufactured

A new climate friendly and non CFC technology proposed for refrigerators may broaden the prospect of North South cooperation regarding chlorofluorocarbon phase out

Siemens has developed a device called the Siemens Molecular Analysis Research Tool (SMART), which will substantially cut down the time taken to analyse crystal structure. The device uses a

Researchers in the US have developed an elevator software that will allow the dumb machines to act intelligently and decide where they have to go and how soon

In a pioneering effort, Vortoil Separation Systems Ltd of Gloucester, UK, has developed a hydro cyclone separator to remove oil from water. The hydrocyclone separator can convert the kinetic