It is commonplace to find disks with gigabyte capacity. But now, two scientists, C R Stroud and M W Noel, working at Rochester University, have been able to manipulate the position of

Among the known elementary particles, neutrinos are the hardest to detect and study. But now there are plans to organise 'mass migration' of neutrinos to another detector many miles

THE ASIAN Haalth Environmental and Allied Databases (AHEAD) - a New Delhi- Mdemonwrtional consortium has planned the commercial release of three database series on Asian environment, health

An age old principle comes in handy to provide the rural poor with low cost refrigerators

New means of collecting honey will no longer destroy the entire honey comb

Drip irrigation may be centuries old NGr but its revival in a novel form deserves mention. The department of horticulture in Orissa has evolved the 'pitcher-method-drip-irrigation' where

Researchers delve into the mystery of how the hand percieves what the eye cannot

"INTO every tidy scheme for arranging the pattern of human life, it is necessary to inject a certain dose of anarchism. " This quotation from Bertrand Russell, is certainly appropriate at

Scientists at Cambridge Universil UK, have announced prc _ developing "single electron logict to herald in chips with data-processing capacity of 1,000 PCs. The principle behind

SRI International, the US contrad research organisation - former known as Stanford Reseai 2 tute - has devised a hardensi luggage container to mitigate ON effect of a terrorist bomb