A mechanical harvester with nylon arms is being tested by the US-based orange growers. The machine gently shakes ripe fruit off the tree. The growers are using the technique originally developed for

Neurophysicist Jerome Pine and his colleagues have assembled the first neurochip at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA. A neurochip is silicon chip with living nerve cells or

A new material may help develop cheap and reliable analytic kits

A hi tech system may help avoid aircraft collisions

Advancements in laser techniques have made underwater welding possible

Special proteins have been developed that would help avoid rejection of transplanted organs

The mapping of the magnetic field of TX Camelopardalis can provide important insights into the behaviour of stars

Social events play a major part in the development of the nervous system

Intuition appears to be more important than conscious reasoning to make shrewd decisions

Liquid air can now be used as a refrigerant, without worries about safety hazards