A hi tech 'pen' can soon make keyboards and mice obsolete

A new paint will soon warn us of damage to buildings and cars

A simple technology is now available for separating grains from chaffs

So you always wanted to talk to your pet dog, but did not know how. Cheer up for now there is a way. Experts say some animals prick up their ears to get messages across. Taking a cue from them,

German automobile giant Daimler-Benz has developed a new method of casting aluminium engine blocks that cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 36 per cent. Traditionally, the block is cast in a sand mould,

Hunting mines has become easier

The idea of aroma-emitting televi-sion sets is being extended to Websites by Ricoh of Japan, which wants to equip both television sets and computers with devices that would eject smells that will go

Tiny snake like robotic appendages that worm into the human body and perform complicated operations. That's surgery of the future

Farmers of the world are under attack. A new technology threatens to make them totally dependent on multinational corporations

WITH the 21st century being projected as the biotech century, proponents and opponents have often been engaged in a war of words on various issues