With the most powerful telescope in the world coming up in Chile, our view of the final frontier is sure to become larger and clearer

Superconductivity moves one step closer to commercial application

Apart from telling the time, your wristwatch may soon be able to tell who you are. The layout of blood vessels, tendons and muscles in

Scientists may soon develop an ultra-efficient solar panel by fabricating several layers of different coloured films. These films would harness the Sun's power in the same way as done by plants

Tired of hearing yourself sing? Well, a new software can give you the voice you always adored but could never have

Don t curse yourself if you get your finger stuck in the door jamb... just thank Steve Webb

To prevent collisions of aeroplanes with mountains, several major airlines have announced plans to install a satellite-based navigation system in the cockpits of planes. The equipment, called

Scientists have developed a new class of magnetic material

Scientists have come up with yet another software to assess writing skills

A global positioning system (gps) receiver, a laptop computer and some software can be used to