A satellite uplink station established by the Rajasthan Government in the shape of an integrated hub at Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj Sansthan here has started providing telemedicine, Edusat and Gramsat services for people in remote rural areas by harnessing the potential of information technology. An official release stated here on Sunday that the satellite-based communication network had been installed in collaboration with the Central Government's Department of Space. The State Government's Science and Technology Department is functioning as its nodal agency.

THE champion of technological success on a "shoe-string budget' has done it again. By successfully launching 10 satellites in one go on a PSLV rocket, ISRO has further reinforced PSLV's record as a reliable, low-cost launcher in the international launch market. PSLV C-9 took off on Monday carrying two Indian satellites, the second edition of CARTOSAT, similar in capability to the first, and the first of a series of Indian mini satellites, called the Indian Mini Satellite (IMS)-1. The other eight satellites were very small systems, belonging to several foreign universities.

MIT Scientists Design Vehicle That Folds At The Press Of A Button Cambridge (Massachusetts):Wouldn't it be nice to drive a car into town without worrying about finding a parking space?

Many a student nightmare originates in chemistry labs. Titration is one of them. It may be a big word but it's a simple process to detect a solution's potency. It requires sucking in acid through a

Jadavpur University (JU) has once again topped among 11 private and state engineering institutions of Bengal in implementing projects under the World Bank-sponsored Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (Tequip). JU's engineering and technology faculty, following an appraisal of the performance of the 11 institutes, has scored 916 out of 950. Phase I of Tequip ends in March. "For the second phase, JU is likely to get the highest funding, thanks to the assessment report,' said an official in the state higher education department.

downloading files from Internet will be easier now. But users have to be more responsible. Tribler, a new file-sharing software, enjoins users to upload as much as they download from a peer-to-peer

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (nasa), usa, has announced a new open-source project called Cosmoscode. The project, which will be open to the public in coming weeks, aims to

The 94th Indian Science Congress's focal theme stressed protection of the Earth from environmental degradation, natural and human-made disasters and the perils of pollution. But is the Indian science establishment geared to tackle such issues. Is it even interested? A look at how the Union ministry of science and technology disburses money compels an answer in the negative:

l R&D expenditure has remained at around 0.8 per cent of GNP since the 1990s. At present it is 0.84 per cent: far below the target of 2 per cent of GNP

World Effrontery Day?

To promote public understanding of science, it is essential not only to initiate openness and dialogue between the scientific community and the public, but also to focus on ways of empowering the latter