The growth of renewable power, including wind and solar, has not harmed the reliability of the U.S. electricity grid, according to a draft U.S.

A team from Toyota Tsusho Corporation will this month visit Zambia to undertake feasibility studies for the establishment of an off-grid energy solution pilot project.

India had a rooftop solar capacity of 1,396 MW at the end March 2017, of which almost half was added in the previous financial year, according to a research report.

New projects not to have local sourcing clause, on which WTO had raised objections

After the advent of solar plants and open access system, the distribution companies in the state have lost 1,000 MW in sales.

The aim of the programme is to promote the use of renewable energy in urban areas.a

Panaji: To promote solar energy, the state electricity department and Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) have conducted a study to set up roof top solar plants across the state on government buil

Emphasizing on the need of electricity to scale up development in the state, the UP government on Tuesday reiterated it would ensure 24-hour power supply to all electrified areas by October 2018.

It is likely to produce 33,000 units of electricity annually

Falling costs improve demand, but they affect cost competitiveness of pre-existing projects