The arbitrary takeover of land is one of the country's biggest faultlines today. New legislation proposed by the government does little to fix this, says VIJAYAN MJ


Russia could lift ban on export of Indian rice Russia may lift the ban on exports of rice, groundnut and sesame seeds from India soon. The ban was imposed in April after Russia's monitoring

Saturday, July 7. It's day 18 of an indefinite hunger strike by tribespeople of Sikkim's Lepcha community and there's no end in sight. Protests against the imminent influx of a series of dams on

Among the five species of shortwing that exist in India, four are found in the Himalayas. Rustybellied Shortwing Brachypteryx hyperythra, a globally threatened species with IUCN status Vulnerable, is endemic to Eastern Himalayas.

according to the National Highway (nh) 31A Bachao Committee (nhbc), traffic disruption, due to a landslide in August, continues on nh 31A in Kalimpong, West Bengal. nhbc claims that construction on the Teesta Low Dam Stage III project at 27th Mile led to the landslide. About 50 metres of the highway got washed away, hitting the local economy during the tourist season.

The Gujarat 2001 earthquake drove home the point that cities built on river alluvium and sand are likely to suffer maximum damage from an earthquake due to high water table and the construction of dams in the upper reaches

Sharing of the Teesta river water

This report remains one of the few chronicles of the ecological change taking place in the Indo-Gangetic plains - India's most densely populated area. Focussing on the recurrent problem of floods in this region and describes the nature of challenge posed by ecologically sound development and suggests new ways of looking at policies.

KOLKATA, 30 JUNE: The state government is planning to shift from thermal power to gas-based power plants and in the process has already entered into  MoUs with GAIL and Reliance, said Mr Nirupam Sen, power minister, in the Assembly lobby today.