Twenty nine workers were killed in a landslide at the Tehri dam. The contractor building the dam has blamed the weak mountains for the incident. Many experts agree that the mountains of the region are fragile. The dam will have a huge reservoir that wou

Is the recent incident at the dam site an indication of things to come?

The account of 28 year old Ganesh, a native of Bihar, who was injured in the incident

An interview with N D Tiwari, chief minister, Uttaranchal

LANDSLIDE AT PARBATI PROJECT: Twenty workers were trapped inside a tunnel at the Parbati hydroelectric power project in Himachal Pradesh following a landslide on August 7. The landslide, caused by a

July 29 was a black day for those residents of the old Tehri town who had decided to remain back. At around 2 pm, the water in the lake surrounding the almost empty town rose and entered their homes.

About 10 kilometres from old Tehri, as one travels upstream along the Bhagirathi, is Malidewal village, which has more than 300 families. This will be the first large village to be submerged when the

Experts have given conflicting reports on the Tehri dam

Interview with Union power minister P M Sayeed

1949 Tehri dam conceived 1961 Tehri chosen as a tentative site for the dam 1972 Planning Commission gives its nod to the dam 1978 Actual construction of the dam begins