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In a significant move, the Centre had said that every hydroelectric project will donate one per cent of power towards the local area development fund and 100 units to each family affected by it.

Dehradun: : Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dhal, better known as Prachanda, visited the Tehri Dam on Friday in the wake of a fresh move to develop the long pending 6,000 mw Pancheshwar Dam that is to be built jointly by India and Nepal.

Tehri hydroelectric project of 2,400 MW capacity, the Asia's highest dam constructed on the Bhagirathi river in Uttarakhand is one of the most debatable dams of the country. The fluvial system of Bhagirathi and Bhilagana has been converted into a huge lentic water reservoir. Therefore, the information on periphytonic diversity before impoundment is very important.

Power-generating companies can get a minimum fixed sum irrespective of how much electricity they produce Capacity Index (CI) = declared capacity

A series of hydropower projects on the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda may reduce the Ganga to a trickle. But project proponents will still be making money.

Nourisher of an ancient civilization, the Ganga could be gasping for its survival. Every few kilometres the water of its tributaries will be diverted to produce power. While there may not be enough flow to run the turbines, there

Ganga is one of the largest rivers of the world which supports millions of population on its banks. It is a tectonically controlled Himalayan river which also creates havoc due to perennial floods every year. Like most large river systems, it also shifts its course in the Gangetic plains in space and time.

New Delhi, Aug. 17: A group of 250 spiritual heads representing most of the religious sects and Hindu organisations across India on Sunday launched the "Save the Ganga campaign" in the national capital.

Tapping energy or sapping the Himalayas? Chandi Prasad Bhatt A series of dams are being planned on the Ganga between the Gangotri glacier and Uttarkashi to generate hydropower. The government has an economic agenda that requires huge amount energy. Well, it can go ahead, but only after it has satisfied me on seven counts. There should be a detailed,