Uttaranchal village resists, and succeeds in stalling, resumption of mining activity

following loud protests from various corners against closing of tunnels on the Bhagirathi river, the Tehri dam committee has recommended a comprehensive study to find out if the Ganga holds

The beginning of submergence of Tehri also marked the drowning of anti dam sentiments. Any strong protest was conspicuous by its absence. Does this signal the end of the three decade old movement?

1949: Dam conceived 1961: Tehri chosen as tentative site 1967 to 1972: Sporadic protests begin 1972: Planning Commission go-ahead 1978: Construction begins under police

The time to consider environmental issues about Tehri is over

VHP s anti dam protest ends with a whimper

Tehri prepares for a watery grave as the controversial dam becomes a grim reality

Is the VHP calling the shots as far as the fate of the Tehri dam is concerned?

The Himalaya is the youngest range of mountains in the world are immensely prone to earthquakes. The entire range falls in seismic zone 5 and 4 it is highly prone to earthquakes of destructive intensity. The major Indian towns in the Himalaya have all g

Earthquakes don't kill; badly built houses do. A look into houses in India that have withstood several earthquakes