A sudden eviction notice to the people of Tehri town, warning of an imminent flooding, has incensed the public

The first tremors of ego clashes have rattled the anti Tehri dam movement

Damn this chicanery. Prime Minister Narasimha Rao has firmly rejected the demand by opponents of the Tehri dam for an independent review of the controversial project. With a media anaesthetised by

Using flawed arguments,The government is blackballing experts' warnings

An offer of Rs 700 crore as aid by a consortium of Uzbek, Russian and Swedish companies has evoked jubilation among employees of the Tehri Hydroelectric Development Corporation (THDC), which is

A Russian Uzbek offer to finance the Tehri dam has sparked fresh debate over the building of the massive structure in what many contend is an earthquake prone area.

A look at this year's award winning documentaries: an educational film on the Silent Valley, a campaign film on the Tehri dam project and a third on a fishing cooperative

What will happen now to the Tehri dam? Even as engineers and environmentalists await the Prime Minister's verdict on the project, the proposed dam has been hit by yet another tremor the drying up of Soviet funds

The dam's safety and design parameters must be cleared by the MEF. Environmental management plans must be formulated and clearance obtained from the MEF. Catchment area treatment: THDC will