Question raised in Lok Sabha on Counting of Wildlife Animals, 07/02/2017. Census of major flagship species is undertaken at the State-level by the respective State/Union Territory Governments periodically. However census of tiger and elephant is undertaken at the national level once every four and five years respectively. State-wise comparative estimated population of tigers, elephants, rhino and lions, as available with the Ministry, is given in the Annexure. There is a general trend of increase in the population of tiger, elephants, rhino and lions in the country.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Loss of tigers and cubs in the country, 06/02/2017. The details of tiger deaths including cubs in the country, State-wise and year-wise during the last three years are at Annexure-I. The Government of India through the National Tiger Conservation Authority has taken a number of milestone initiatives for conservation and protection of tiger and other wild animals, and the same are at Annexure-II.

The Environment Ministry is proposed to be allocated Rs 2,675.42 crore in the 2017-18 Union Budget, an increase of Rs 399.42 crore over the last fiscal.

Six big cats have died in Karnataka since January 3
A tiger that was found dead at Kumatoor near Srimangala in Virajpet taluk of Kodagu district on Sunday.

Karnataka has over 406 tigers in the wild.Karnataka has over 406 tigers in the wild.

Nagpur: In a major move to protect tigers, Melghat is among the 13 tiger reserves in the country to get approval from director general of civil aviation (DGCA), ministry of home affairs (MoHA) and

बाघों की तादाद में वृद्धि, गिनीज बुक में दर्ज हो सकते कुमाऊं के बाघ

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Death of Endangered Animals, 06/12/2016. The number of deaths of endangered animals in the country is not collated at the level of the Ministry. The management of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, including census of wild animals, control of poaching of wild life, etc., is the responsibility of the respective State/ UT Governments. However, State-wise details of Tiger mortality, as informed by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) during the last three

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Death of tigers, 05/12/2016.

Human-nature relations are diverse, multifaceted and often contradictory, especially the relationships with animals. Mishmi people living on the Sino-India border claim tigers to be their brothers and take credit for tiger protection as they observe taboos against hunting tigers. Drawing on this notion of relatedness with tigers, local residents of the Dibang Valley question the governments’ recent plans to declare the Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary into Dibang Tiger Reserve and its scientific surveys of tigers and habitat mapping.