THE anti-smoking lobby in India country will receive a shot in the arm once tougher regulations currently being drafted by the Union health ministry are implemented. The proposed measures will

SMUGGLERS haunting the US-Canada border have scuttled the Canadian government's policy of levying high taxes on tobacco products. Responding to the protests of the Canadian Tobacco

TOBACCO-exporting nations flayed a new US legislation on prohibiting the use of more than 25 per cent imported tobacco by US cigarette manufacturers, even as three leading aerospace companies accused

TOBACCO came to India in the 17th century with the Portuguese and today, the plant is grown over as much as half a million hectares in the country. India was one of the first countries in the

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01 Nov 2012

Insurance companies, Indian government are the mainstay of the tobacco-driven company

It is fairly well known that ITC Limited, India’s biggest blue-chip company, earns its bread and butter from selling tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars. Its revenue for 2011-12 is a mammoth Rs 36,000 crore (US $7.2 billion) and net profit, Rs 6,162 crore ($1.23 billion). 

Mumbai Smokeless tobacco products that are manufactured in India contain heavy metal, reveals a study report published in The Scientific World Journal.

The study


Electronic cigarettes contain traces of toxic substances and carcinogens, according to a preliminary analysis of the products by the Food and Drug Administration.

Jaipur, October 2

Traditional hookah and chillum are more injurious to health than cigarette, a study has said.

The study underlines that the old mode of smoking is much more toxic than cigarette smoke as carbon monoxide (CO) level is higher in it, the study conducted by a group of pulmonary doctors of the SMS Hospital Medical College and the Asthma Bhawan here said.