Tobbaco Industry Internal Documents

Time to tell all: The Delhi High Court has issued notices to various departments and functionaries of the Union and Delhi governments on a public interest litigation seeking

Leading tobacco firm Philip Morris sought to downplay the well-established link between passive smoke and sudden infant death syndrome (sids) by influencing a scientist's research paper, according

Following a national anti-smoking drive, the Malaysian government has decided to give US $2.76 million as interest-free loans and grants to help its nearly 100,000 citizens dependent on tobacco

Tobacco industry is the true test of health policy

Even as the us government's us$280 billion lawsuit against the cigarette industry takes its course, tobacco major Philip Morris is mired in a fresh controversy. A article

Turn of fate: Oyster fishers of Louisiana, us, received a major setback when the Louisiana Supreme Court rejected their us $1.3 billion claim of loss of livelihood due to a coastal restoration

sole authority: The Madras High Court (HC) has vested the Tamil Nadu government with the exclusive right to carry out sand quarrying activities. In doing so, the HC has upheld a government order (GO)

Mild cigarettes are drawing strong reactions in the European Union (eu). In tune with its campaign against smoking, the eu has ordered manufacturers not to brand their products as "mild' or

easy rabies cure: Tobacco plants have been genetically modified to produce proteins used to combat the rabies virus. Till now, the only way to fight the virus was to use antibodies derived from