Japan's only cigarette making company is facing its first challenge from five smokers who sued the company recently for trying to make them addicted to a harmful product. The company, Japan

In a significant move, five states in the us agreed last month to end state suits against the LiggettGroup, a tobacco firm. The states had filed a lawsuit against the company to recover some of

Promoting cigarette smoking and refusing to accept its resultant health hazards is but sheer avarice on the part of our politicians as well as the tobacco industry

A section of American doctors raise a hueand cry against the defaulting tobacco industry

Smoking cigarettes could soon become the leading cause of adult death in the world

Now in the US if a passenger lights up during a flight, the purser may sue the manufacturer for "health problems" caused by passive smoking. The ruling, passed by a Miami judge, has triggered off a

The most powerful government in the world and the behemoth tobacco industry are waging a ding-dong battle over...well, cigarettes

The one good, vengeful thing that the Red Injuns gave to the West was a stinky, filthy, addictive, noxious wad of goo, which virtually made a reeking tabagie out of the English court. Over time, it

WITH TOBACCO generating nearly $196 million annually just for fourth-ranked Virginia, the effect of smoking on lungs abroad is best ignored. Thousands of jobs in Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky

About six million people employed in India's beedi industry risk developing cancer from handling tobacco leaves