Hailed till recently as a model of efficiency and productivity, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is reeling under a barrage of criticism today. A UN-commissioned review of its operations

Like all such meetings before, the UN World Summit in Copenhagen had to address the needs of the commoner, the bedrock of all nations

CHINA and the US have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to enforce the UN ban on drift-net fishing in the North Pacific. The MOU is the first of its kind since the ban came into force on

A recent meeting on biological diversity failed to establish ground rules for implementation, as the participating nations were totally unwilling to yield.

Industrialised countries uneasy at the prospect of a shift from traditional political rights for the individual to rights that link communities and the environment?

The UN is finalising a draft declaration on special rights for indigenous people, but this is being opposed by some governments.

National constitutions have rarely established environmental rights as human rights, but an increasing number recognise the right to a healthy environment and have provisions directed at environmental protection:

Environmental concerns and the end of the Cold War are spurring radical changes at the UN. But the revamp is turning out to be another thorny issue.

AS THE United Nations labours to clear the mess it has been accused of creating in providing refugee relief in Somalia and in the elections and peace process in Angola, World Health

LEADERS of developing countries today find in environment a cause of great worldwide concern -- a concern that is steadily growing in their own countries and one that already has deep roots in the