Environmental concerns and the end of the Cold War are spurring radical changes at the UN. But the revamp is turning out to be another thorny issue.

AS THE United Nations labours to clear the mess it has been accused of creating in providing refugee relief in Somalia and in the elections and peace process in Angola, World Health

LEADERS of developing countries today find in environment a cause of great worldwide concern -- a concern that is steadily growing in their own countries and one that already has deep roots in the

CORAL reefs in various parts of the world are getting bleached and scientists are debating whether this is an early warning of global warming, or simply a local warming of sea waters. Tom Goreau

The NISGA: are fighting with the British Columbian government to be recognised as a community. They came to Rio to "tell the world about their problems"

Helping George Bush gain political mileage seemed to be the overriding concern at the recent climate convention negotiations in New York. India stood alone on the issue of apportioning global sinks