• Nicolas Hayek, chairperson of SMH AG, is looking for a partner to introduce the automotive equivalent of the Swatch watch he made famous in the 1980s. Hayek's inexpensive, stylish and

Ancient health care systems such as ayurveda are gaining popularity once again as people become wary of allopathy and the hazards it involves.

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Rapid strides in Western medicine and surgery relegated Indian medical systems to the back seat, especially because of brahmanical abhorrence of human dissection.

SOMEWHERE in the Ayodhya hills of Bengal's Purulia district, a scorpion stung the wits out of me. My adivasi companion, Sukhchand, still in his teens, rubbed a poultice made up of some leaves on

Nature has bestowed Kashmir with extraordinary climatic conditions and forest cover, apt for different mushroom varieties including gucchi Morchella , an exotic species of the mushroom family. Many describe it as the cuisine of the royal