If the South wants to protect its interests against the power of the Bretton Woods institutions and WTO, it will need its own, equally powerful forum

Is your government signing away your future rights to the world s natural resources?

Green Politics , the first in a series of publications on global environmental negotiations (GEN) provides a close analysis of important environment-related conventions and institutions from their origins, and demystifies the global politics behind 'saving the environment'. The book presents a first-ever comprehensive Southern perspective of the impact of global environmental governance on the real lives of real people.

Ambassador BO KJELLEN has seen it all, from diplomacy and development to even sports. A "family man", as he describes himself, addicted to music and badminton, the 62 year old Swede began his career with the foreign ministry and has thereafter re

Developing nations fear that the lack of a proper financial mechanism may hinder the world in its battle against desertiflcation

The international convention on desertification is plagued by differences of opinion on financial resources and funding mechanisms