Copenhagen: On Wednesday night and Thursday morning, the penultimate round of the biggest ever geopolitical game of the decade, being played out at Copenhagen, went to the developing countries.

Apouch of organic brown rice or arhar dal, or anything organically grown is enough to remind us of Vandana Shiva-scholar and relentless campaigner of eco rights, who has made the term 'organic' part of uppity fashion. Her 'Navdanya' label of organic grains, grown in her Dehradun farm of the same name, has become a brand.

NEW DELHI: As food prices soar to the skies, the poor are eating less and the Government has camouflaged this brand of inflation by combining food with other commodities like steel and metals whose prices are falling, said environment activist Vandana Shiva here on Thursday.
Hunger: causes, cures

As Awareness Grows About The Ill-effects Of Fertilizers, Organic Food Finds Many Takers
Risha Chitlangia I TNN

Mumbai: In a direct attack on multinationals, noted environmentalist Dr Vandana Shiva blamed these companies for spreading myths about genetically modified (GM) food and said the country's corrupt system helps them.