Only 35 per cent of the city is covered by sewerage lines and the poor wastewater system has become a major source of health hazards, reveals an official report obtained by Dawn.

The Environment and Natural Resources Ministry has introduced a national policy on solid waste management.

Irish engineering outfit Lennox Ltd has scooped first prize at the inaugural IWWE & IRWM Innovation Awards.

Edie Two men in Northern Ireland have been fined for breaching waste management legislation.

CITIES The suburb is creaking under the weight of its own growth A 16-and-a-half-hour power switch-off! That's what the power supplier to Gurgaon

Devyani Rana, programme officer at the Energy and Environment unit of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - the United Nations Global Development Network - was in the city on Sunday for a meeting with the Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG) Committee to discuss the Environment and Green Games Initiative of CYG Pune 2008. Suresh Kalmadi, a member of parliament and CYG's organising committee chairman, conducted the meeting. Also present were Sandhya Mulchandani, adviser, CWG Delhi 2010, Vijay Kumar Gautam, chief operating officer, CWG Delhi 2010, and Municipal Commissioner Praveensinh Pardeshi, among other officers. In its presentation, the organising committee discussed the important objectives of its

Using data sets from Italian provinces that include rich northern and poorer southern regions, this article examines to what extent income and municipal waste generation are linked and at what level of income they become delinked. The analysis shows that the turning point occurs at very high levels of value added per capita (in the range of

This article argues that waste management and recycling have become regional or international issues; they can no longer be considered only in a national context. The regionalization or internationalization of waste and recycling issues is caused in large part by the steady advance of economic integration, especially increasing trade and investment flows resulting from trade and investment liberalization.

The problems relating to mounting solid waste are fast acquiring gigantic proportions in the developing countries of Asia. Most of the countries, nevertheless, continue to primarily focus on achieving high economic growth and pay scant attention to waste management. This article takes a detailed look at the inadequacies of waste management in Asia and underscores the need for greater international engagement in tackling the menace.

In 2005-06, the Palike hired excavators and trucks to clear garbage dumped on the premises of the composting unit of the Karnataka Compost Development Corporation (KCDC) at Kudlu village on Hosur Road at a cost of Rs 12.69 lakh, though it had its own equipment. Do you wish to hire a taxi by paying a higher price when you have your own car? Certainly not. The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) thinks otherwise.