Despite a devastating four-year drought that has forced strict water conservation measures across California, most Los Angeles County supervisors still have their cars washed two or three times a w

Droughts will likely become more frequent, greater in magnitude and longer in duration in the future due to climate change. Already in the present climate, a variety of drought events may occur with different exceedance frequencies. These frequencies are becoming more uncertain due to climate change. Many methods in support of drought risk management focus on providing insight into changing drought frequencies, and use water supply reliability as a key decision criterion.

LUDHIANA: It is very unfortunate that a state like Punjab, which is known for its rivers, is facing shortage of water.

DEHRADUN: The state forest department has sent a proposal to the Centre seeking permission for dredging in around 1,300 hectares in the Ganga and its tributaries at various places in the Haridwar d

A startup in the U.S. West Coast city of San Francisco has developed a shower head that creates a mist by atomizing water, instead of making it rain down.

JAIPUR: To solve the pressing crisis of water scarcity in the state, water conservation experts called for revival of traditional water harvesting structures.

As climate change threatens India’s food security, adaptation in the agriculture sector is becoming increasingly important. However, for too long, adaptation has been characterized by individual efforts and by small, time-bound pilot projects.

Irrigated agriculture is placing increasing pressure on finite freshwater resources, especially in developing countries, where water extraction is often unregulated, un-priced and even subsidized. To shift agriculture to a more sustainable use of water without harming the food security and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of smallholders, substantial improvements of water use efficiency will be required.

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Principal Bench, New Delhi) in the matter of Vinod Kumar Jain Vs. NCT of Delhi & Ors. dated 20/08/2015 regarding installation of rain water harvesting systems in every government buildings of Delhi.

India and Israel will sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the fields of water conservation, water use efficiency, waste water treatment and river rejuvenation ahead of the P