Once bountiful, Bengaluru's lakes have shrunk drastically. Statistics back this. Over the years, the city has lost 79% of its water bodies.

Over-exploitation of ground water has depleted its level in the state and efforts are on to conserve the resource, Jharkhand Assembly was informed on Thursday.

Trade in staple crop commodities has become increasingly important in the global food system, with ramifications for both food security and water resources sustainability. It is thus essential to understand how the water footprint (WF) of staple crop trade may change in the future. To this end, we project international staple crop trade and its WF under climate and policy scenarios for the year 2030.

The toolkit contains a list of practical climate friendly initiatives that can be adopted by individuals, educational institutions, and workplaces with detailed calculations of annual CO2 emissions reductions and cost savings from implementing these simple actions.

Even as the earlier plan for reclamation and rehabilitation (R&R) of areas that were ravaged by mining activities in Ballari district has been in limbo, the Karnataka Mining Environment Restora

Contemporary debates on Indian agriculture need to shift from the traditional focus on physical productivity targets towards smart policies, strengthened and relevant institutions, and an enabling environment, all of which are needed to foster a more profitable, sustainable and resilient agricultural sector capable of ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

Water management requires multiple levels of policy action. The problem is not a shortage of water, but the absence of proper mechanisms for its augmentation, conservation, distribution, and effi cient use. Water management should be given number one priority in agricultural policy, particularly to prevent drought, minimise the risks due to drought and build a climate-resilient agriculture.

All is not well with Wular Lake in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district, one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia, which has been identified as one of the 26 Ramsar sites in the country.

Anbodu Kochi’s love for the place seems growing bigger and faster.

The “all-out” efforts — as repeatedly being claimed by the Devendra Fadnavis-led Maharashtra Government — to reduce the constantly rising suicide rates of distressed farmers in Marathwada seem to b