Scientists urge to strike a balance between development and environment

In a poor country, cost-effectiveness has to be the byword for municipal wastewater

uasb is a combination of physical and biological processes; the main feature of the former process is the separation of solids and gases from the liquid and that of the latter, degradation of

Indian rivers have been reduced to functioning as repositories of wastes rather than providers of life sustaining water

• Low space requirement • Low sludge production with quick dewatering characteristics • Lesser and simpler electromechanical parts used, leading to low operation and maintenance costs

A number of biological methods are available for the treating wastewater

Why is it that this nation has had to depend on Western hand me downs?


..per villager per year. And the benefit of an ultraviolet disinfectant is potable water for a community of 1,000 people for 15 years

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