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Arsenic, 10 15 times above India s set standards

College students in Asansol, West Bengal put the area s drinking water to test

A non governmental organisation uses the metal to purify water

the supply of recycled water for Bangalore's public parks has not started yet, although, a year ago, the Karnataka government banned the use of potable water and groundwater in such places. The

A third language area identified in the cortex

A new device to measure wastewater pollution on-site

This manual is a comprehensive documentation of localised community-level approaches in urban wastewater management. Besides providing an overview of eco-sanitation and decentralised wastewater treatment technologies, it also captures the emerging trends in this sector.

Thirsty Planet: Strategies for Sustainable Water Management

A US based firm has recently launched a high tech gadget in India with the alluring promise of resolving the water crisis. Watermaker , a product of Atmospheric Water Technology Incorporation AWT , extracts water from air. It is being marketed across th