The confusion resulting from reports about pesticides in bottled water and soft drinks saw a few companies sneak ride upon the concerns of the bewildered common man...

selling drinking water sans the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) mark can take you to jail. Acting on a petition filed by Vanishree Gnaneswaran, the Madras High Court recently issued notices to the

Put into effect in earnest, the law on wastewater recycling can provide lasting relief to a parched Delhi. samreen farooqui delves into the issue

A solvent developed at the University of Alabama, usa , can snatch pollutants dissolved in water. The solvent can be tuned to snatch specific elements from water. The choosy solvent is one of a

Two industrial units in Chennai find an alternative source of water: city sewage

Nearly half of Bangladesh's 130 million population will get a reprieve following the recent successful research in the treatment of arsenic contaminated water. Called the Direct Coprecipitation

New Laser technology can now determine levels of pollution in waterbodies

Participants from five countries, including India, discuss ways to improve water harvesting systems

A new technique helps recover metals from water. It could be toxic metals, or even gold

Yes. The Sun can save us from a water crisis