Learning experience: School students participating in a water quality and surveillance programme in Udhagamandalam on Wednesday.

Shishir Prashant

Indian watermills are all set to get international recognition thanks to the joint efforts of the central government and HESCO, a Dehra dun-based NGO, towards roping in United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDPO), headquartered in Vienna.

Providing safe drinking water to poor families in the coastal area of Andhra Pradesh is critical for the economic development of the region as well as to improve health and living conditions.

CHANDIGARH: The Haryana Agriculture Department has decided to give assistance to the farmers to lay underground pipeline systems, install sprinkler irrigation systems and construct tanks in order to adopt

The state government will set up laboratories soon at all district headquarters in the state for water testing to provide safe drinking water to people after it was found that most diseases are caused by polluted drinking water. These laboratories will be funded by IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) and set up by the Indian Institute of Public Health, Union ministry of health. One mobile unit will be placed at the nine ITDAs in the state to collect water samples regularly from interior areas of the Agency.

The introduction of the axial piston pumps and the development of energy recovery units especially for seawater reverse osmosis has changed the system design dramatically and reduced the energy consumption by up to 80% in these installations. Oct-Dec 2007

This book represents an effort to make available a unified presentation of groundwater hydrology. It presupposes only a background of mathematics through calculus and an elementary knowledge of geology.

This manual deals with various aspects of artificial recharge of ground water including planning of artificial recharge schemes, artificial recharge techniques and design of structures, monitoring of augmented water levels and water quality, economic evaluation of recharge projects and issues related to operation and maintenance of artificial recharge structures. Roof top rainwater harvesting techniques which are particularly suitable for urban areas have also been included and described in detail.

Biofilter for domestic wastewater

Conflicts over water are a grim reality today, and this volume traces the reasons for these conflicts from the micro to the global level. The essays look at how the cumulative effect of gross negligence and mismanagement of water resources over the years have created water scarcity. They point out that the problem is not due to shortage of water, but due to the absence of proper mechanisms for its conservation, distribution, and efficient use. The essays are organized under three sub-themes--irrigation water, drinking water and sanitation, and gender and decentralization in water management.