Airport operator yet to comply with directive to reuse water the Delhi airport is getting its swanky makeover with illegally extracted groundwater that is used for construction and other purposes. The private consortium operating the airport, Delhi International Airport Limited (dial), is extracting 9 million litres of water a day (mld) without permission from the Central Ground Water

After successful pilot project, state plans to revive ponds in 12,618 villages Lush paddy fields abound in Pattikadu village in Tamil Nadu

Villages near Tiruchirapalli show the city how to manage sewage

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If you happen to travel in Rewa Express, you will notice a slight change in its coaches

Click here to enlarge view the much delayed plan to supply water to Kathmandu is set to roll. On February 13, the Nepal government said the newly formed Kathmandu

This is the second edition of the wastewater recycling manual. The manual presents real-life case studies of wastewater treatment methods adopted in various parts of India.

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Book>> Waternama, A Collection of Traditional Practices for Water Conservation and Management in Karnataka

Book>> Water: Private, Limited