This is the second edition of the wastewater recycling manual. The manual presents real-life case studies of wastewater treatment methods adopted in various parts of India.

Several crore rupess have been sunk into plans to clean up the Yamuna. The authorities have been busy chasing targets to fulfill these plans. But the river remains dirty. This book analyses the strategies adopted to clean up the Yamuna, one of India's holiest and dirtiest rivers.

In view of the growing pollution in river Yamuna and the widespread disappointment with the Baijal committee report on it, the Delhi Jal Board (djb) has decided to appoint a consultant for cleaning

A new device to measure wastewater pollution on-site

Industries, government, ignore apex court committee s proposals for effluent treatment

Aerobics for Yamuna?

The World Bank s new strategy for India?

Singapore may just have discovered a remedy to reduce water wastage at the household level. The city is known for its long standing efforts at saving water through recycling water and promoting rainwater harvesting. Now, they have started the Water Effic

More than two years ago, the Union ministry of urban development and poverty alleviation moud issued a notification making wastewater recycling compulsory in Delhi. But the rules have not been enforced to date, with the capital s implementing agencies s

A US based firm has recently launched a high tech gadget in India with the alluring promise of resolving the water crisis. Watermaker , a product of Atmospheric Water Technology Incorporation AWT , extracts water from air. It is being marketed across th