Shishir Prashant / New Delhi/ Dehra Dun May 5, 2010, 0:44 IST

Here is good news for the water-starved Uttarakhand. After more than four years of experiments and research, a European Union river bank filtration (RBF) project has ignited new hopes to end the perennial drinking water problem in the hills.

Mumbai: With the city facing one of its worst water crises, proposals to alleviate the problem are aplenty. One such proposal is by a city-based firm that claims it can produce water out of thin air.

Sunil Kumar | Dehradun

With an aim of finding solutions to the prevailing water crisis in the State, Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan is in deliberation with Sky Water India Pvt Ltd and other companies to tap atmospheric water. The project would be known as sky water project.

CHENNAI: A Czech delegation is in Chennai to explore business partnerships on water resource management and waste water recycling.

The delegation which was here, as part of a trade mission to India, had preliminary discussions with officials of the TWAD Board and Metrowater.

Mumbai With the Assembly polls approaching, both Shiv Sena and local Congress leaders tried to cash in on Mumbai

Americans can save some of the 225 billion gallons of water (852 billion liters) wasted each year through over-watering by installing smart systems which deliver just the right amount of moisture.

Mumbai System enables real-time monitoring of water parameters in the supply network

BHUBANESWAR: With use of water for industrial purposes becoming a hot debate in Western Orissa, adoption of appropriate technology in mineral processing holds new promise. However, it becomes more vital when we talk about optimal use of ore including low-grade varieties for a sustainable use as both can now be addressed through an innovative approach.

Chandigarh: The Haryana Government today launched the Rs 1125 crore-Naandi Community Safe Water Project which will provide clean drinking water to 100 villages. The water treatment plant is based on reverse osmosis technology.

Located in Dujana village of Jhajjar district, the project has been set up with the assistance of Hyderabad-based Naandi Foundation, an NGO.

London, Nov. 24: Worried about impending water shortages due to climate change? Stop worrying, researchers have created a gadget that can be used to create drinking or irrigation water from thin air.