Thu, 2015-06-25 (All day)

The environment ministry of China recently ordered the cleanup of 20 chemical and petrochemical units that a study found were a threat to the country's waterways and environment due to poor planning

At Nacka nature school in Sweden

Australian scientists have developed a new technique to treat industrial and farm effluents

A solution to purify unsafe drinking water may soon be in your pocket

A senior technical manager says there is a lot of money to be made in management of industrial waste

A new technology to remove chloroform from the wastewater of drug plants

The breaking down of toxic organic material is very important in the process of purifying water. Now, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Thin Films and Surface Engineering, Germany have

ECO-FRIENDLY INCINERATOR: To combat the growing pollution in Chennai, an eco-friendly incinerator for combustion of non-compostable garbage has been commissioned at the Akash Colony in Anna Nagar