Pali farmers teach state pollution body a few things technical Mahaveer Singh Sukarlai has no formal training in science. But he was able to test and tell a gathering of over 300 people that water from a dugwell in Phenkaria village contained arsenic and zinc in concentrations unfit for human consumption. Phekaria is located on the bank of river Bandi, about 50 kilometres downstream from

in a landmark ruling on April 30 the High Court (hc) of South Africa announced prepaid water meters cannot be imposed on residents of Phiri

The Delhi government has cleared a Rs 1,950-crore project to tap drains carrying sewage from colonies not connected to the city sewers. Interceptor sewers to be used for tapping is seen by the

on january 25, 2007, the Union government approved 22 more urban development projects in 11 cities across the country. The Union ministry of urban development (moud) approved Rs 795 crore under the


THE longstanding controversy over the Mullaperiyar dam on the river Periyar assumed bitter proportions in December 2006 with the Kerala government accusing its Tamil Nadu counterpart of pulling out

UN water report on what ails water management today

Water is a big concern. Growing cotton is water-intensive at the best of times as is manufacturing textiles and treating the waste generated. In India, cotton guzzles more water than anywhere in the world

Bird deaths in the Okhla Bird Sanctuary raise questions

All that you wanted to know about water management schemes, but didn t know who to ask