This is the final report on the sewerage master plan for Delhi 2031 (SMP 2031) released by Delhi Jal Board in collaboration with AECOM-WAPCOS team. Says that SMP 2031 shall ensure extension of sewerage facilities in the unplanned areas by integrating with existing network and sewerage infrastructure.

Water quality deterioration in distribution systems, mainly caused by inappropriate planning, design and construction or inadequate operation and maintenance and water quality control, has been linked to a significant proportion of the burden of waterborne and water-related illness.

The State/UT wise details of the quality affected habitations and the population referred to in reply to the Unstarred Question No. 3120 to be answered on 29.8.2013 in the Lok Sabha regarding Polluted Water.

Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation has intimated that as per the information entered by the States on the online Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) of the Ministry, out of a total of about 16,90,870 rural habitations in the country, there are about 84,294 habitations which are quality affected i.e affected by some form of c

State Pollution Control Board report finds more takers for treatment plants

Apprehensions are rife over the amount of water to be supplied by the Kerala Water Authority to the city once the Rs 201-crore Maradu Water Treatment Plant is commissioned.

In March 2011, the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation as part of its mandate to provide technical assistance to states released the Operation and Maintenance Manual to help states to operate, maintain drinking water supply scheme.

The Delhi government today said that it is contemplating the commissioning of Munak Canal to help the functioning of three water treatment plants which are lying idle due to lack of required raw wa

Management of solid or liquid wastes in rural areas is much easier and profitable business than in urban areas due to the fact that it is mostly organic in nature and does not contain toxic compounds. In rural areas, waste can be safely reused for beneficial purposes with limited resources.

The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation administers the National Rural Drinking Water programme (NRDWP), and the Total Sanitation Campaign through which the technical as well as financial support is extended to the States for implementing rural domestic water supply and sanitation schemes.