Chandra Bhushan is currently the Deputy Director General of CSE. He is a distinguished expert in the field of natural resource management, environmental geo-politics and industrial pollution.

Guest : Anil Madhav Dave, Environment Minister, Govt of India, Ajay Shankar,Former Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Power,Polash Mukerjee, Researcher, Air Pollution, CSE, Chetan Chauhan, Deputy Chief of Bureau Hindustan Times,

This paper presents an assessment of Southern Africa's response to drought. It provides insight into its capacity to respond to severe environmental stresses. Insights drawn from the assessment allow for a deeper understanding of climate adaptation readiness in the region.

Intermittent disruptions to rainfall patterns and intensity over the Pacific Ocean lasting up to B 1 year have major impacts on severe weather, agricultural production, ecosystems, and disease within the Pacific, and in many countries beyond. The frequency with which major disruptions to Pacific rainfall occur has been projected to increase over the 21st century, in response to global warming caused by large 21st century greenhouse gas emissions.

HYDERABAD: Amravati, the 'blue and green' capital city planned for Andhra Pradesh, and other tier II cities in AP and Telangana can now join a select group of cities that would benefit from the Eur