Question raised in Lok Sabha on Carbon Trading, 03/05/2016. To support India’s active participating in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the Government of India has set up the National Clean Development Mechanism Authority (NCDMA) for according Host Country Approval (HCA) to eligible CDM projects in the country.

This book focuses on the medium-term prospects (over the next two decades) for increasing the resilience to drought and other shocks of people living in dryland areas of East and West Africa.

Working with indigenous peoples, IFAD has learned that the relationship between natural resources management, sustainable livelihoods and indigenous concepts of self-driven development are interrelated and interdependent.

This synthesis report on the aggregate effect of the 161 intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) communicated by 189 Parties by 4 April 2016 provides estimates of the aggregate greenhouse gas emission levels in 2025 and 2030 resulting from the implementation of those INDCs.

The fourth AODP Global Climate 500 Index launches against a backdrop of positive change.