This report discusses Rwanda's country risk profile.

This report discusses how climate change and climate-induced migration heightens existing vulnerabilities of slavery. Drivers of vulnerability to modern slavery are complex and impacted by many layers of risk.

If the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are to be achieved by the 2030 target, the risks posed by human-induced climate change must be understood and addressed. The World Meteorological Organization has published a new report on Climate Indicators and Sustainable Development: Demonstrating the Interconnections.

This paper provides key insights into the 29 long-term climate strategies formally communicated to the United Nations as of June 2021, identifying common trends and the major transformations that countries envisage across all sectors of their economies.

The climate crisis is one of the main drivers of global hunger. Anticipatory action is critical in saving lives and livelihoods, and helping communities adapt. This brochure outlines WFP’s work on forecast-based financing in East Africa. Eastern Africa is one of the most food insecure regions in the world.