Commissioned through DFID’s Bangladesh learning hub grant and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network’s ‘Building readiness of the private sector in Bangladesh for GCF accreditation’ project, this toolkit provides basic facts about the GCF and information on how to access it, engage with it through the Private Sector Facility (PSF) and the

This paper surveys a sample of INDCs and assesses how capacity building is identified and mentioned in the context of their pledges towards the Paris Agreement.

The adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 firmly anchored the issue of climate change at the centre of international and national development policy.

Rising sea levels due to hurricanes and tidal flooding intensified by climate change will put military bases along the U.S.

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Record temperatures in the first half of 2016 have taken scientists by surprise despite widespread recognition that extreme weather events are becoming more fr