India is gearing up to flex its solar muscles by hosting energy ministers from 107 countries for bringing to life PM Narendra Modi's vision of creating a global platform for "sunshine countries" ah

Climate change is a "pressing" global challenge and the poor people are "most adversely" affected by it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said and suggested a shift of the discourse on the issue

HYDERABAD: Extreme weather patterns due to climate change is likely see a spike in number of diarrheal as well as vector-borne diseases like Chikungunya, dengue and malaria, warned scientists and h

Plant biodiversity is often correlated with ecosystem functioning in terrestrial ecosystems. However, we know little about the relative and combined effects of above- and belowground biodiversity on multiple ecosystem functions (for example, ecosystem multifunctionality, EMF) or how climate might mediate those relationships. Here we tease apart the effects of biotic and abiotic factors, both above- and belowground, on EMF on the Tibetan Plateau, China.

Proxy records of temperature from the Atlantic clearly show that the Younger Dryas was an abrupt climate change event during the last deglaciation, but records of hydroclimate are underutilized in defining the event. Here we combine a new hydroclimate record from Palawan, Philippines, in the tropical Pacific, with previously published records to highlight a difference between hydroclimate and temperature responses to the Younger Dryas.

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