The Karakoram and the Himalayan mountain range accommodate a large number of glaciers and are the major source of several perennial rivers downstream. To interactively describe to response of glaciers to climate change, a glacier parameterization scheme has been developed and implemented into the regional climate model REMO. The scheme simulates the mass balance as well as changes of the areal extent of glaciers on a subgrid scale. The parameterization scheme is for the first time applied to the region.

Climate change is making droughts worse, a Climate Council report claims. The Thirsty Country: Climate Change and Drought in Australia report found climate change was driving an increase in the intensity and frequency of extremely hot days, which was prompting an increase in the severity of droughts.

Mexico on Friday said it will cap its greenhouse gas emissions by 2026, becoming one of the first countries to formally submit its national climate plan to the United Nations ahead of a climate sum

Despite mounting protests, Japan continues to finance the building of coal-fired power plants with money earmarked for fighting climate change, with two new projects underway in India and Banglades

Climate change, we can emphatically say, is a wicked problem

This is a real-life story of three wicked problems, one opportunity - and a new way to confront global challenges.