Heatwaves in the UK are lasting twice as long as they did 50 years ago, ice days are disappearing and tropical nights are starting to occur as far north as Middlesbrough, according to a Met Office report.

Insufficient regulation and fossil fuel subsidies are holding back Southeast Asia’s transition to a low carbon economy, according to a new report released by Eco-Business.

Long-term low greenhouse gas development strategies (long-term strategies) offer an opportunity for the G20 to set the leadership direction that will help steer the world toward a viable climate future.

Four specialized agencies of the United Nations warned of a colossal human loss to Asia and the Pacific and its economies if countries in the region do not recommit themselves to ending all forms of malnutrition and achieving zero hunger by 2030.

The National Capital these days is in the grip of an emergency. An emergency triggered by air pollution. Delhi's air quality has begun to show a trend towards the 'very poor' category... forcing authorities to kick in an emergency plan that will see the implementation of several measures to improve the city's air quality. All this air pollution besides being a health hazard also impacts climate change in a big way.