The objective of this report is to conduct a preliminary options analysis of financing instruments suited to the Kenya context which can help Kenya, over time, to reduce the gap between the financing needs for climate and nature action and the actual funding the country can leverage from the government’s budget, development partners and capital

This guideline offers insights and lessons learned on the preparation and implementation of climate risk communication approaches. It is based on the experience of selected GIZ-implemented projects that were in the process of implementation between 2020 and 2022.

The Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor assesses the transparency and integrity of 24 major companies’ climate pledges and strategies.

The report shows how businesses can work with governments, international organizations and communities to adapt to the acute climate hazards facing the world today. Climate adaptation was a major focus at the COP27 Climate Conference in Egypt, especially in light of the devastating floods in Pakistan.

CDP launched a report analyzing disclosure from 18,600+ companies across 13 industries in 135 countries. The report assesses climate transition plan disclosure against 21 key indicators within CDP’s climate change questionnaire and found that only 81 companies (0.4%) disclosed to all relevant.