World green building trends

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Green buildings: it’s common sense

Frenzied growth in real estate and changing lifestyle in Indian cities are inciting resource guzzling. Architects have innovative ideas to build green homes.

Modern buildings cannot breathe

Kolkata-based architect Laurent Fournier tells how ceilings can float and why bamboo-reed-mud make more sense than brick-concrete-steel.

CSE Analysis

Green-building rating: overrated

The idea of green rating of buildings has taken roots in India. This is in line with the global trend in which the rating tools set benchmarks for green measures for constructing and using buildings to make them sustainable.

Buildings: earthscrapers - environment impact assessment of buildings

The EIA deals with the high impact buildings. It gives a cities a chance to decide if the proposed buildings are needed and if at all how must they be designed to mitigate their impacts.

Green Building Initiatives

Architectural case study: CII Sohraji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad

The CII – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre in Hyderabad is the first LEED Platinum rated building in India. It offers advisory services to the industry in the areas of : green buildings, energy efficiency, water management, environmental management, renewable energy, green business incubation, and climate change activities.

Green building movement in India

Green building movement in India: seminar on application of glass in green buildings, Hyderabad, 26 June 2012.

Energy Efficiency

Constructing change: accelerating energy efficiency in India’s buildings market

India is at a crossroads in its development path. To keep pace with a projected 9 percent growth rate, India’s energy production must grow 6.5 percent per year from 2011 to 2017. India’s growth rate means rapid urbanization; building occupied area in India is projected to skyrocket from 8 billion square meters in 2005 to 41 billion in 2030.

Energy efficiency improvements in commercial buildings

The UNDP as the implementing agency for the project entitled: India: IND Energy Efficiency Improvements in Commercial Buildings - under the Programmatic Framework for Energy Efficiency in India. The project aims at promoting the construction of new energy efficient buildings or use of EE technologies and equipment in existing buildings.


Green building: a professional's guide to concepts, codes and innovation

This book is designed for those seeking a better understanding of current design and building performance issues. Coverage includes straightforward explanations of how buildings and ecosystems can work together, as well as the sustainability concerns inspiring current regulations.

Green home: a decision making guide for owners and builders

What does a "green" home look like? What are its characteristics, and how can you ensure that you meet the highest green standards within a given budget? The answers to these questions and more are found in The Green Home, a book dedicated to teaching builders and homeowners alike about environmentally-friendly residential construction.