Guide to electrifying ride-hailing vehicles for cities

This paper is designed to aid cities in accelerating the electrification of ride-hailing fleets to reduce their environmental impacts; it does not assess the complex advantages and drawbacks of ride-hailing platforms more broadly. To guide governments’ financial policies and investments, it investigates two key uncertainties around electric ride-hailing vehicles: the total cost of ownership compared to hybrid and combustion engine vehicles, and the charging infrastructure needed for an electric ride-hailing fleet. The paper also catalogs government and industry programs to transition this sector to electric, including incentives, mandates, infrastructure, and driver education. Finally, it concludes with recommendations to help cities to encourage the transition to electric ride-hailing fleets, including engaging with public and private stakeholders, conducting data-collection and analysis, and navigating legal frameworks. While this paper primarily focuses on Europe, where commitments to electrification are strongest, the process will be useful for cities in all markets at different stages of the transition to electric.