Win–win: how international trade can help meet the Sustainable Development Goals

The recently agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are expected to guide development through the 2030 time horizon. The 17 SDGs cover many areas, such as poverty, health, sustainable development, and the environment. Given that trade is not an end in itself, there is no specific SDG goal for trade, but it is recognized as an important means of implementation. The objective of this book is to demonstrate to the international development community, including policy makers in developing countries, the contribution that international trade can make to achieving the SDGs. Economists have long argued that trade can promote income growth, which can then support sustainable development. But there are also more direct linkages between trade and sustainable development, for instance by affecting the price and availability of important
goods and services for development, such as health and education. This book maps out a triple-win scenario when good trade policy spurs international trade, contributes to development-friendly outcomes, and supports the achievement of the SDGs.